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  1. Partially fixed, Twitter to the rescue, sent a private message to VR, they just set a wrong VIP subscription, going to move the problem to the support in game.
  2. So google play cannot refund my order because it doesn't meet their policy and they advice to contact directly the developers, but how? I can't believe that the forum is the only way to submit this kind of issue. On the order receipt I can't find any contact regarding the developers. This issue should be taken asap and I see I am not the only one having it. On the web page they don't provide any kind of contact form or email? Really? I can't use my VIP membership to use the contact form in the game since is not enabled... The only person that replied to me here is the administrator of the forum, a gamer trying to help and not a developer or people that actually should take the issue.
  3. @Pat-Rock I sent you a PM regarding the issue with order and personal data
  4. I purchased an yearly membership for VR Offshore on Android using the same email I am using on this forum. Still I can't access any VIP features nor send you a support ticket from the game. I already tried logging out several times with no effect. Clicking on the membership option again, notify me that I have already a membership active. Also I see this forum is all in French, I can't find any help in English, is there an international forum somewhere? How should I proceed to resolve the problem?
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