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  1. Anyone else have any views on setting you a club round robin? Still 20 sailors max per race.... for a private/club race?
  2. For Club regattas... any tips when setting up? For Club regattas.... Thoughts on the following: Primarily we have Jnr / youth members/sailors - in Optis and Starlings (NZ) Suggestions on which boats to use... or just mix it up?
  3. It doesn't look like there is any further developments regarding setting up admin on Club regatta hosting. Yachting NZ has posted this on setting up eRegattas for clubs... Setting up eSailing at your club | Yachting New Zealand (yachtingnz.org.nz)
  4. OK so from the posts, I need to post 7 times to achieve confirmed member status. Then I can set up a Club. First post ...
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