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Do Location Tracker and Mobile Number Tracker work Similarly?


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Ip logger Location tracker is actual to help you to precise location of your lovely things or find the precise location of any mobile, also as share your location or location of the other location that you simply can pick on the map, for instance, the situation where you would like to satisfy your friends.

After generating a location tracking link you'll share it together with your friends. If they accept to share their accurate GPS-based location, you'll see it on the statistics page for your location tracker. The precise GPS-based location data on the statistics page are going to be labeled as "GPS".

If GPS data isn't available, then the situation are going to be determined supported IP-address and it'll be labeled within the statistics as "IP". Recipients of your location tracker link are going to be ready to get the fastest route to the forum that you simply specified using Google maps service, which can simplify your meeting arrangements.

So as to share your exact location with this sort of logger, you would like to permit using the knowledge about your current location (optional). Carefully read our Privacy Policy and therefore the Terms of Use of the service and confirm that you simply don't violate them using the geo-logger.

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On 9/14/2021 at 9:35 PM, Takairtas said:

no, number tracker could also check you messages if I'm not mistaken

I don't want to scare someone, but I think it is like that. Location trackers are simply showing your device's location. Straightforward, isn't it?. This Number Tracker Pro is a combo of the things said above. A lot of parents started using it when they heard that their city is quite dangerously than usual. I hope that nothing terrible will happen soon.

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