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Nemo point


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Why are you adding sailors to the Nemo race when based on their trajectory they never crossed the line? 
I am recovering positions in the general race but loosing on the Nemo by the hundreds in minutes even when using zezo. This doesn’t make sense. Please verify the trajectory before including sailors only based on complaints. Thank you, K

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These 2 players perfectly reached the Nemo point.

It seems that the display on cell is different for this point than then display on PC. It was reported on other posts.

If you are watching their route on a cell, this should be the reason.

So the bug is on the cell display, not on people not reaching the Nemo circle.

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Concerning your ranking, I have no clue, I have not experienced it myself, I only lose these days due to my south position.

So basically the sytem doesn't work well for the nemo point on the cell phone. It works fine for the rest.

I am afraid that this is all you will get for the money.

I am not planning to fix it.

Just because I am just a player not VR.

You can log a complaint on the bug link on the interface. Perhaps they will answer you. Or not :)

But here, you will get only players



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