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XP and VSR not updated


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I recently started playing with Virtual Regatta on Android. Created an account and ran two races : Magellan 7 and Mini-transat 2.

Despite the fact I finished the race and saw the results, my XP and VSR should have changed but they didn't. My coins were correctly updated though.

Is there a delay before VSR and XP are changed in the profile ? Did I miss something ?

Thanks for you help

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On 11/20/2019 at 11:22 AM, Pat-Rock said:


The points VSR and XP are awarded at the closing of the race.

  • For the Mini 2 on 22/11 to 01h00 CET
  • For the Magellan 7 on 25/11 to 19h00 CET

Credits are available immediately.

Welcome to VR and good races


Thanks Pat, this helped resolve a mystery; I must have spent my credits on a sail and wondered why they hadn't been added end of race like VSR and XP.



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