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  1. It's back!  But... now it costs 200 tokens.  And if you exit before the sequence begins they keep the tokens. 

    I lost well over 1000 red tokens before I realized what was going on.  Seems like very few people play this challenge now.  And rightly so.  Nobody wants to spend 200 to maybe get a race. 

    VR Inshore - if you are reading, thanks for bringing this challenge back, but please return to the logic where tokens are refunded when people exit before the race gets underway.

  2. On 4/4/2020 at 9:52 PM, Cruz Gonzalez Smirth said:

    I would like to organize an Argentinean National Championship. Is that possible?  

    I assume you want one of the challenges on the main menu, as opposed to running it yourself with a series of custom races. 

    I'd contact VR directly.  Maybe through customer support. 

    Probably best to contact your MNA too.  They may already be organizing something and I expect (hope) VR would require their approval to proceed with an official national championship.

  3. Sisu - I agree rules 15, 16 and 18 (downwind) are the biggest rules problems.

    Virtual Regatta - please fix this.  It's been far too long with no improvement in the rules engine.  Now with so many more players, a lot of people are learning bad lessons. 

    World Sailing - you endorse this game, I emailed you about this months ago and received no response.  With no real world racing going on for a while, maybe it's time to fix the official game.

  4. I agree with skutsje.  When the servers are busy steering becomes jerky, boats shoot off in an unexpected directions.  Mostly at the pre-start and roundings where we steer manually. 

    Even when tapping the controls it can be unpredictable.  Very frustrating, better to stop playing and come back later.

  5. 2 hours ago, skutsje said:

    Well yeah, you need VIP to create custom races and share the private code with your fellow clubmates.

    Non-VIP users can set up custom races, both private and public.  It costs 200 red tokens, I do this all the time.  VIP members avoid the per-race fee.

    1 hour ago, Sisu said:

    Does everyone need to be VIP or just the host? I ran a test where I (VIP) set up a race for a non-VIP club member and he wasn't able to join. He was able to after he got VIP.

    Nobody needs to be VIP in the races I create for my club.  I can't speak to races created by a VIP user.  Though my guess is it's the same and any user can join a custom race.  

    We have seen problems creating and joining races, notably at peak times when the game is bogged down.  Also user error, typing in the wrong code, and people trying to connect from slow/unreliable internet connections.

  6. We looked at having one user act as race committee for multiple divisions but this approach isn't really compatible with VR custom races.  It could work, probably not very well.

    Our solution is to put one RC rep in each division of 20 boats, we're calling this person the host.  Host duties include creating the race, starting the race, and taking screenshots of the results before they disappear.  The host can race too.

    A lot has to happen outside the game like registration, setting divisions, sending out race codes, collecting results from hosts, and scoring the series.  Not ideal but it works.

  7. Sailranks looks promising.  In their 'regattas' section I'm seeing results from multiple races scored as a series, also support for regattas larger than 20 boats.  We're a large club and have been working on a plan to do both of these things manually.  It's a real pain.  Would be great to have it pre-packaged, though I wonder how much it costs.

    Not clear how sailranks is achieving this.  I haven't read anything about an VR API.  Could it be all manual?

  8. Hi - wondering how people are approaching scoring across a series of custom races.  A lot of clubs are (or will be) trying to get this set up.

    I'm interested to know what's been tried, what works, what doesn't work.


  9. Has anyone figured out a good way to score a series of custom races?

    My club is looking at running a series.  In theory we can take screenshots and enter results into sailwave manually.  But it seems the custom race results disappear immediately after the last boat finishes, no way to check them afterwards. 

    That's not great.  Any advice appreciated.

  10. Pat - the problem is many penalties on the water do not match the published rules.  Rule 18 is a mess, also 13, 15 and 16.

    Players learn to exploit the bad calls to their advantage and avoid situations where the other boat is in a position to exploit incorrectly called penalties. 

    Just because people tolerate this doesn't make it correct or fair. 

  11. Solved:  the host should have a big green START button at the top of the screen.  If the host leaves this will be passed to another player.  When host returns they don't regain control. 

    The other player won't necessarily know that they are now in control and responsible for starting the race.

    We solved this through further testing - VR helpdesk was responsive but not knowledgeable.

  12. Hi - I am testing the custom race feature to see how it would work for e-sailing events at my club. 

    Question:  How can I start races with fewer than the maximum number of boats? 

    For example, I set up a race with max 10 boats.  Then 2 of us logged in to test it out, but there doesn't seem to be any way for the host to start the sequence.

    Maybe there is documentation, instructions.  Let me know.