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  1. Join the Discord: www.discord.gg/DyE2wsaJ
  2. We will finally be able to enjoy the sun on the SUMMER CUP! Nothing better than a little challenge ... This is a team challenge. Each player earns points for his team. Do you think you can beat Top VSR Players and Teams? We will see... If you beat (Player): Tipapacheri BSP MCES - 10 pts Your Mom SA - 9 pts Buddha BSP MCES - 8 pts Freizh Volante TPN - 7 pts Arylla / INC-BUREAU VALLEE - 6 pts galere-splendioseTPN - 5 pts Toppen - 4 pts machaon - 3 pts roberto85170-TVD - 2 pts BigBalls - 1 pt If you beat (Team): INC - Bureau Valée - 10 pts IST® - 9 pts Black Sailing Project - 8 pts EXTRAZ SEA - 7 pts La Cage Aux Foils - 6 pts Les Champions - 5 pts Boxing Kangaroos - 4 pts AVR Sailing Team - 3 pts LES AFFRANCHIS - 2 pts ISF France - 1 pt Bonus - Players of the month: Toppen - 3pts Gaate - 2 pts M63-EZ - 1pt Good luck...
  3. Thank you Montecristo! Do not hesitate to enter all the results on this page instead of creating one each time ...
  4. I also add that I could not participate (schedule a little busy at the moment so a little break). If you or another member of my Team could report our results here, that would be great!
  5. After the Battle between ETRUSCAN SAILS and #Les Poissons Pilotes during the Rio to Tokyo Race, a double Battle will take place over two races: "Tangier - Sao Vicente" and "Les Sables - Horta". Are the Italians going to take their revenge on the French? Answer July 16 ... What is "The Battle of Teams" ? "The Battle of Teams" is a Battle between two Teams in a race according to 3 criteria: the ranking of the best player of each team, the ranking of the worst player of each team and the Inter-Team ranking. A Team can win 3-0 or 2-1 but can also lose 0-3 or 1-2. In the future, these criteria may change.
  6. Very soon (from September without any doubts), we will be organizing challenges within the Community on each race. But, we need YOUR ideas to make it appealing to everyone. If an idea comes to you, don't hesitate to let us know!
  7. I am J0J0.0 from the Team: #Les Poissons Pilotes and I founded this forum with Montecristo 11. For presentations, it's here ...
  8. Personne parmi vous souhaitent tester notre challenge. J'ai vu que ce genre de défis existait déjà mais pourquoi pas. Sinon, est-ce possible de nous joindre à vous pour votre défis? J0J0.0
  9. Merci pour votre réponse! Effectivement, je comprends, je suis nouveau sur le forum et il faut trouver un challenge inédit pour se démarquer! A voir...
  10. Allez, n'hésitez pas, il faudrait encore quelques équipes pour que cela devienne intéressant! Merci à ceux qui voudront bien
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