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  1. The problem encountered by Toppen is something never seen before on our platform, and so far unexplained. We are currently investigating to try to understand what happened, and try to restore as much data as possible so that he can get his account back, but nothing is certain at the moment, as far as our progress on this issue is concerned. We are fully aware of the impact generated by what has just happened, considering the energy and time spent by one of our oldest and most loyal players who has risen to the top level with great effort. Toppen is probably not the only user impacted, but he is the only one we have identified so far. Our team is in direct contact with Toppen, and investigations are also being carried out at the level of our hosting company and the game management platform editor. We are doing our best to ensure that Toppen (First "eSailor of the month") can regain full use of his account, and the entire prize list as he deserves, and we reiterate our apologies for this mysterious mishap beyond our control.
  2. On the eve of the launch of the 2019 season of the eSailing World Championship, Virtual Regatta Inshore has undergone a makeover! We have just updated the application with many enhancements. What to expect: graphic improvements, brand new social functions, revised rankings and regattas on equal terms on the water! So... What changed? Here comes the online chat! From the home screen, you can access a real-time chat room! You will be able to debrief your most intense regattas here, and even organize your private races together without leaving your favorite game! Add your friends! Have you just met a competitor on the water and experienced a memorable regatta against them? Find them in the Social menu and add them to your friends list! You can then see when they come online and sail against them again. You can also add friends directly via email by using the dedicated search bar. Sail on equal terms This is the most important evolution of this season! From now on, each boat is "One Design" and has exactly the same performance from one competitor to the next. In order to win, having the best boat is no longer enough, you really have to be the best! This will give us beautiful and intense regattas on the water, which everyone will enjoy, either at the helm or as spectators! By removing the improvements from the marina, we also remove the gold you were getting in your cans at the end of the race. It's one less currency to handle, for more simplicity! Challenge rankings have changed! There are also some new developments in the challenge rankings! The overall ranking of a challenge is now calculated by averaging the best series of consecutive races among your results. Two tied players are ranked according to the number of regattas required to obtain their average performance (as few as possible) as well as the overall average over all their regattas. A challenge will require a minimum number of regattas - this number is displayed on the home screen for each challenge. What's on the agenda for the 2019 eSailing World Championship? The 2019 season will be announced on January 22nd, 2019 live from the Düsseldorf boot. The Playoffs program will be described in detail at that moment! Stay tuned, and may the best ones win!
  3. Fort du succès de l’Odyssée d'Ulysse, Virtual Regatta Offshore va bientôt vous proposer d’embarquer dans une nouvelle aventure sur plusieurs étapes ! Autour du monde ? Contre vents et marées ? A vous d'imaginer votre course ! Secouez vos méninges et proposez nous vos ici vos projets les plus fous !
  4. Vous êtes nombreux à avoir rencontré des difficultés d’accès sur nos jeux ce matin. Notre équipe a mobilisé toute son énergie pour rétablir la situation le plus rapidement possible, et tout est rentré dans l’ordre maintenant. Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour le désagrément rencontré
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