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  1. It has happened again. My past 4 identities have been deleted or stolen by someone. Each time I get to level 8 with most boats the App goes crazy and then I am locked out with please register/login not recognizing email or pass word. I s this a deliberate strategy by the designers of VR inshore or am i being continually hacked by someone who steels my ID or is something else happening. I will not committ any more funds to this app until this is sorted satisfactorily
  2. After many attempts to regain my ID which I had before latest collapse/update of VRInshore I can neither open a new identity nor regain the old one. Whichever option I try no message is being sent to my email address to allow me to reconnect. I am presently playing under some randomly generated number and cannot select a new nickname. I therefore can’t see any point in investing any money into upgrading boats etc because it will be taken away. In other words this organisation is guilty of fraudulent activity and should be investigated by authorities for criminal activities at worst or incompetence at the least. In fact when I try to access Virtual Regatta using my PC my computer security suggests that it is a dangerous site.
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    Just had an unusual thing happen. I was way ahead of a following boat rounded top mark and gybed onto port. Also a second boat did the same after I gybed to cover the immediately following boat and it was much further behind. there was no wind shadow indicated as the wind shadow option was activated. But in seconds they were both 50 plus metres ahead. It really seemed that there was some sort of cheating going on. Or was there some strange bug in the programme? Anyone else experienced this? I have noticed that very occasionally my boat slows down even tthough there is no wind speed change even when the vmg mode is activated.Puzzling?
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