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  1. Nice, thank you. I was having the same problem. 

    You can use the notification screen and the control center before the starting procedure begins. After the 1:30 or the 1:00 signal it throws you out of the race. 

    Also this is not a bug. If you pull up the control center and slide it back down before the starting procedure begins, you'll notice that your boats stops for the time that you spend in the control center and then fast forwards. Last year, before it threw you out of the race, this could be used to not having to swerve around others for giving them room. You could effectively run through them without getting penalised or losing speed. 

  2. Sadly there are players who "exploit" the in game rule system and bugs and put penalties on their opponents every time they get a chance to do so.  Most of the top sailors can anticipate those situations and simply avoid them by tacking away or keeping distance. I don't think that's the way it should be, but if you think about the game as a game with its own rules "inspired" by the official racing rules instead of a simulator, you'll still enjoy it. 

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  3. Btw, congrats to everyone who qualified for the great final! Scoring 90+ points in 33 races is insane. Top 5 would probably look the same without the annoying bug anyways, so well done everyone, you deserve your spot in there. ?


     I'd love to see the 5 best womens results now, lol. 

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  4. Is there any information on how much time we will get to complete the first playoff-challenge? The one that starts in 20 days has 50!!! races.  

    If not, any guesses? 

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