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  1. Patrice, tu n'oublieras de venir signer ton contrat, on a même rajouté de la crème dans la soupe bisous les ez 😘
  2. hi contingency in real life you announce a luff ... on that game, you just have to anticipate that the guy can hit you and you should stay clear before
  3. hi guys, back in France an amazing stay in Florida beautiful encounters, the sun, the party, a real "epic" sailing against Olympic champions where the esailors managed to run aground on a sandbar ? congratulations to @L1 who brings the title in France, to @crapulle/epicure for his silver medal & @alessandromerlino for his bronze medal... but also congratulations to all finalists for participation and their good mood from left to right before rolex ceremony awards @Velista71(ITA) - @KZ-7(NZL) - @alessandromerlino(ITA) - @LaMerNoire - BSP(FRA) - @L1(FRA) - @crapulle/epicure (FRA) - @havuc (TUR) - @Cruzolator(ESP)
  4. all info about the final: players, boats, format & link to watch live
  5. lucky to attend the ceremony of Rolex World Sailor of the Year 2018
  6. the battle spot,-82.5503947,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x502ea0e483eb5dd!8m2!3d27.3427634!4d-82.5503947
  7. perhaps on world sailing TV :
  8. new topic (new title ) in order to follow the final known qualified: - @Velista71 - @crapulle (epicure) - @L1 - @alessandromerlino - @Cruzolator - @LaMerNoire - BSP
  9. @11962, what is your inshore nick ?
  10. thanks I was also impacted by the bugs but I was lucky to finish my series before they appear and the boats become crazy ... I understand the frustration of those who would have liked to defend their chances without these problems big congrats to the qualified but also all the participants; the level was incredibly high
  11. you can only do it for 1 race on each challenge... and this not cheating... before crying, you should start playing with an official boat and after let's tak
  12. merci et bravo à tous ! super content d'avoir pu échanger quelques mots avec le taulier Loïck Peyron