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  1. Thanks. I will sign my boat Curupira.
  2. Yes, some races gave money for prizes. I remember one, Velox 5 Oceans, I won the third leg (from Montevideo to Charleston), and get some money (in euros, maybe 1.000). Besides, got a VIP signature to one British weather channel for one year (300 libras). I won others races too, but cant remember the prizes. But there were prizes. Volvo gaves a Volvo car to 1th, a super watch to 2th and a VIP travel to Monza (all payd, including trip). Unfortunally, I was 2th until leg 6, when I had problems in leg 7 with my conexion (and bugs from the game interface, it was not VR). But I tell you, to receive prizes (I was many times in TOP 10 in many VR races with different boats name) always was a pain, because I live in Brasil. Besides, I got sponsors to race. I am back to racing regattas now, everything is diferent in the game interface, wiil be not easy get back to my old skills, anyway, hope you are right, in the future comes some prizes in money like must be.
  3. I'm sorry, I don't speak French. Is there any rating for boats without extra options except light sails?
  4. Years ago, from 2008 to 2012 (or a little more), there were cash prizes (which for a Brazilian participant, like me, was a very good solution). However, VR has shifted to awards such as sailing on one of today's best sailboats from Nice, for example. So I ended up discouraging, because VR did not pay the trip from Brazil to France (round trip) nor the stay. They seem to forget that there are participants from other countries, not just French. I even won prizes in euros and more from extra sponsors in my races. I do not think VR will reward with money again. With the current scheme, prizes that need to be taken in France, it's impossible and no interest for me. A prize watch is already a breakthrough and gives more motivation. Roberto (ex Ondazul BRA and Curupira VIII, and also RevistaNautica, 5th overall in Volvo Ocean Race Game 2011-12)