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  1. Hi all, I am now also able to run a club and the feedback above is very useful, although mostly confirms the shortcomings that have been identified along with some workarounds. I also have contacted the person at the RYA in the UK who is the primary contact for VRI with a note explaining that I am part of a couple of forums where there is discussion about making VRI optimal. I have asked of that RYA contact is able to pass on some constructive suggestions and pass back a reply from VRI (or just put me in direct contact). I'll update here if that approach goes anywhere.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, we're slowly piecing this together. When I eventually get to the point of being able to create a club and invite my friends to it, will I be able to see their results only for the races that I organise for the club members? I want to create a private race series so it is important that the system only shows me the results from those races (and not from every race that my members participate in).
  3. Hi, yes I would also be very interested in setting up a club, especially if it allows the scores from custom races to be captured automatically.
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