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  1. If you want to organize a series of say 5 races on race day for your club, how do you do that? It looks to me like each race, the organizer needs to start back at the Custom Races page, enter the club password (if any), select the boat, course type and location. Then each member must re-enter the club password... for every race? That's madness.
  2. Something I figured out that might be useful to others; I was initially unable to join a custom race as a non-VIP member, because when you try to do so a pop-up appears promoting VIP membership. Turns out non-VIPs just need to click off of the pop-up and can then join. You do, however need to be a VIP or use 200 red coins to host a custom race. Now my questions: 1. Is there such a thing as a club VIP for all members of a club? 2. What are the features available aimed at clubs, other than creating a club forum?
  3. I was able to join using a non-VIP. FIrst I used a VIP to setup the custom race. When the non-VIP entered the Custom Race area, there was a pop-up in French talking about getting VIP access. But if you just click off that pop-up, you can join the custom race with no problem.
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