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  1. HI, is here anybody who might point me to a general description of how Racing Rules will be dealed with and how Protests can be filed etc? I am migrating from the 10 year old software VIRTUAL SKIPPER 5 and it was possible to race with 1) Automatic Penalty 2) Manual Penalty / Raising Red Flag and after a race you have been able to launch a protest and get i.e. compensation in a series of races within one event, if the protest committee - after review of the race situation - determines that you have been unlawfully detained acc. Rule XX. This organization has always been time consuming, but very fair imho. And people learned the RRS in detail, which helped in real life 🙂 Maybe some skippers have fun to give me short impression about the protest handling. I didn't found anything in the forum. Is a race review and check of distances/collissions even possible? (Honestly I have just sailed the Training sessions, but I want to read some basics in advance about this Software before investing time. Since it seems, that it is accepted for 'official eSailing Championships" there mus be something like Protest Committee and Hearings (in additional forums?)... Best regards, Liese/Joerg
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