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  1. To the developers of VR inshore, It's a great game, especially for lockdown. However, the rules as described in the published documents do not reflect how the rules have been actualy implemented in the game. In particular rule 18 but also 15 and 16. This is not a complaint that they are not the same as real sailing. That doesn't matter at all. What does matter is that the players can know the rules as they are being applied and sail accordingly. Otherwise the gameplay experience is frustratingly random and I'm sure you'll lose (paying) players because of it. Rather than forcing players to try to reverse engineer how the rules have been implemented (possible, but not fun) it would be much easier for everyone if you can share how they have actually be implemented. Best, A new fan of your game To the other players, If you agree with me, please get in contact with the developers somehow (DM them on Twitter?) and/or reply to this post with support. If you have managed to work out any of the quirks of the rules and fancy sharing them then that would be great too!
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