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  1. Let's face it guys, while the graphics and the boat characteristics are superb, its ability to listen to the keyboard is crap. Not being able to steer with any confidence totally spoils any enjoyment of the game. I have tried several combinations of three different computers, four different browsers both with and without hardware assistance turned on. Curiously, it seems to work slightly better with hardware assistance turned off on a reasonable fast machine. For the technical among you, this is what I think. The game does not require the installation of any plugins which implies that the programming that runs on your device is all done in javascript. Javascript key-up/key-down events are taken from the javascript queue in strict order. If the javascript engine is busy doing something for a few hundred milliseconds it will not know about a key press until it has finished the task. I'd love to take a look at the code to see exactly what it's up to. Maybe it could be improved - or maybe attempting to design a game like this using javascript is 'just a bit too much of an ask'.
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