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  1. There is a better method to get an exactly desired TWA. First, Why? If you look at the polar charts, there are peaks and valleys. You never want to sail at an angle that is in a valley, usually when you are in between two sails. Just like real sailing. Conversely, if there is a peak (like at max boat speed angle), then you definitely want to be exactly on that number. Being 0.2 off doesn't sound like much, but if you are ever wondering how the top sailors will slowly pull away from you, that's why. The method involves using a programmation point. First set your boat as close as you can to the desired TWA. Check Dashboard and see what your TWA is to the 0.1 degrees. If it's not precise, set a program move as close as you can in front. Unlock the padlock. Move the program a few minutes forward. Relock the padlock. Check Dashboard to see if you got what your want? Repeat until you do. Then move program back to closest time possible. Wait for verification that movement was received by VR between every action. You can do the same thing when programming tacks and gybes. Just unlock the padlock, move the time a bit, relock, check. When you get the precisely desired TWA move the time of the maneuver back to when you want it executed.
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