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  1. Well the gears button is i think there to update the positions of all boats, and that happens on the server side probably every 5 minutes, but not on your display in the app unless you click the cogs button.
  2. Hi, The new game mechanism seems to at least display wrong info for me. For example it doesn't show my additional sails and polish bought before the race. When trying to click them again it shows an error. Then in the sails menu it also shows no additional sails and it looks like it only uses the 2 basic ones, and also shows an indicated speed of the default sails. Moving along with optimal course I see that boats on the same course with same wind go significantly faster, so they have the indicated speed with the additional sails and so on considered, so it clearly is a bug, and possibly it's not just a display bug but also a gameplay/results calculation bug. Also it's very annoying when the game on Android automatically goes to the 3d view.
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