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  1. I didn’t notice that they were different colours
  2. I've been sailing on here for a coule of weeks and in real life since the mid-1980's athough cruising rather than racing so I'm not entirely new to the sport. When I race on VR I find that when I look at the final stats I have invariably sailed somewhere between 50 - 80% further then the boat who sailed the least distance. I usually finish in the top half of the fleet although have not won a race yet. I cannot understand why my distance is so much greater but this is obviously why I'm not winning any races, any ideas? Also, I joined the VIP membership which says it gives real time information on right of way to other boats in close proximity, whislt I know the rules it's not always immediately obvious when on the startline or rounding a mark but I cannot see how the computer is telling me who has the right of way. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Mark
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