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  1. I ran aground in the Globe 40 (again without any land showing when I plotted my course...), but don't see to be able to get out this time: I cannot change my course at all. Can you have a look: boat name is Flying Swan. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. From the registered track it indeed seems that way, but I did round the mark and did not modify the course or delete waypoints before I did. I don't see all the minor modifications that I made in my registered track, so I think that may be the cause (i.e. the track was "simplified" when it was registered). Anyway, thank for your reaction.
  3. Thanks for your swift response. I think I rounded it and only changed course with a couple of degrees afterwards. But if I didn't: any way it can be changed to a time penalty? Thanks.
  4. Boat name is Flying Swan. And buoy 2 is not green. I rounded it with a waypoint, but apparently not correctly?
  5. Good morning I sailed into the finish area (using a waypoint) last night, but this morning I saw a warning that I ran aground (my boat sailed through / across the entire finishing area). What is happening here? Can you please ensure my finishing time shows correctly? Thanks. Joost
  6. Rounding marks (especially downwind) is unrealistically difficult when it is crowded at the buoy, because sails of other - often already penalized - boats block the view. When a mark is hit as a result, players are penalized TWICE: once with the seconds delay, and then ALSO because they are forced to round the mark again. Can you please have a serious look at this? Thanks.
  7. For some races, it takes more than 10 minutes "waiting for players". Can you give an option to exit the game and reimburse the used credits for this game? Thanks.
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