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When racing in regattas my best series of races should be counted out of however many I’ve raced, however this isn’t the case for me at the moment. The game is only counting the first series of races. For example if the regatta is 8 races long and I race 13. My best 8 out of those 13 should be counted but the game is only taking my first 8 races. This is frustrating as I see people climbing the leaderboard ahead of me with more races races when my better races aren’t being counted. Hopefully someone knows how to fix this or a member of staff can fix it.

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Also curious how scoring in regattas works in more detail.  It describes that the average of the best 8 races will be calculated as the score (when 8 races min are required), although that is not the score that is being calculated for me.  I've scored an average of 83.875% score across my top 8 of 17 races in a series, and the scoreboard is showing me at a score of 74.4.  Series is zingel Challenge.  My username is DPrime.

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