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Unfair lose of tokems

Pedro Colon

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I wholeheartedly agree with this observation.   I have been kicked out of more races than I care to count because of either a server issue or something similar.  This is NOT my wifi signal, it was always at 100%.  Often my boat goes haywire in the middle of a race, most typically when I am in the top 3 !  You definitely need to address this issue - I am a big enthusiast of the game  but this is now gone beyond frustrating.



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Yes, I also lost tokens and coins after getting kicked out of a pro race after waiting for like 10 minutes.  Then I joined again and it happened 2 more times so I lost 600 coins and a bunch of tokens.   Normally when that happens and you go to join again it would remember and you did not loose coins or tokens?   

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