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App gone shit!


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Not just you. Last night the buttons either stopped working, or worked randomly. For example I couldn’t ease the sails and ended up with 3 OCS in 3 races.

Couldnt round up at the gybe mark on the 4th race and gave up in frustration.

weird thing is that this morning it’s fine, no issues at all.

support is poor to nonexistent. I suppose we just have to live with it or use a PC.



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No your not alone. Worst possible timing of APP 'upgrade' in covid history.  The new APP and particularly the new position guide has some serious flaws which for a phone user basically ruins the game.  You have to close the position list once the gun goes or you cant steer to port. Once you close you cant spin around until you have zoomed in or out.  Not having the position list (because you have to have it closed) means you dont have the info on competitors.  It needs to be fixed otherwise phone users are seriously disadvantaged.

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