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not bad for a beta


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Started 6 days late, first timer. These are my impressions so far:

Feels like a pretty decent beta version. Save for the wind data, which seems to be at least processor-hungry if not accurate, the rest looks like a test version. I was expecting a totally geeky "game" filled with stats - I mean, this is 3 months worth of tweaking angles - but the data is very limited. In terms of interaction, except for dragging the compass-thingie that sets the trajectory of your boat, you control nothing. The game not only *removes* control over the choice of sails when you pay for the full pack, but seemingly fails to display the chosen sail in real time. Or maybe it totally fails at doing it, I have no idea.

The idea of such a game is a very good one and the potential is huge - if there are one million boats as it is now, the sky is the limit. Developers should however consider hiring some professionals on their team that would prevent the implementation of such bad ideas as changing the rules during the game (the red southern line) and then selling a subscription to a sister app that helps you navigate given the recent change. This is weak. Ask for whatever price you think the game is worth, then be a pro and make a nice game. 

Players should be given the choice to start at the beginning of the race or to be placed at the back of the fleet. The choice should be there at least for the duration of the official start, which I understand is several days.

The above is meant to be constructive.

See ya,




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Et, pour en faire une dans la langue de Molière, chuis totalement mais alors éperdument accro à ce truc. Je ne me reveille pas la nuit pour ajuster la trajectoire (c'est le SEUL truc à faire, hein) mais je peste contre les bateaux qui gagnent sur moi et j'ai même trouvé l'application pour calculer la vitesse en fonction de l'angle du vent et je m'amuse comme un 'tit fou. Je me demande au bout de deux mois si ça sera pareil.

Serait-il possible d'avoir une carte avec la trajectoire, vitesse par segment et moyenne depuis le début de la course, peut-être une représentation graphique vitesse/vent/latitude/longitude...?

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