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Impossibility to join the races


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Dear virtual sailors,

It's been a while since this strange thing is happening to me: When I set the helps to race - therefore, invested my tokens - I press start and I stay at "the enter" whithout managing to get into the race. I wonder if is something only happening to me or if it could be a bug.

It is quite annoying and makes me spend a lot of tokens and get bet rankings.

Grateful for your feedback.

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yes, it has been happening to many users for some time, it is very annoying because in addition to losing green tokens, the rankings for DSQ are lost. VRI is silent, is it something done on purpose to make money? Answer please.

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you have to go to the discord, may be can you find anything wich like that an answer  .... here is noone from VR, it is an abandonned place .... We are just a few squatting here 😁  I' m only playing offhore, and it is wunderfull 😇

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