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Doubts about permanent credits paid


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Hi all,

I am a beginning player. I have only attended 5 races in VR. Please I need your help.

I bought 3000 permanent credits. The payment was processed but I did not receive an invoice from VR. I don't know if the credits are in my account or I have spent them in any race.

I opened a ticket in the bug section but it was closed due to expiration when I replied sending the order confirmation.

Now I have attended the SNOWFLAKE Cabo race and I only have the beginnig 1200 credits.

Regarding the therms of use before buying:

'All purchased credits are permanent and available in any race with no time limit'

Should I have 4200 credits in the Cabo Race?

If I spent the 3000 credits in a race(I don't know, I can't verify). Will I have the 3000 credits available in my account when I finish the race?



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