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System bugs or my computer problem?


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If anyone could help me, I would be appreciative.  I'm not a "gamer" but I am addicted to racing boats - even on the computer! )  My system, however, doesn't always allow me to compete due to various issues such as not being able to maneuver the boat at will.  Often times, I'll be off the wind, on not too tight of a reach, and I'll press the T in order to jibe... sometimes I'll jibe and sometimes it will tack!  There goes that race.  Most of the problem, however, is simple maneuverability.  The boat doesn't react very well to the left and right keys. 

Additionally, I just had to leave a race because the graphics just weren't appearing properly.  The screen was not moving fluidly.  It was jumping around as if I were possibly having a band-width problem, although I'm pretty certain I wasn't.

I am running the following specifications:

Browser:  Firefox

Computer:  MacBook Pro OS Sierra

Version: 10.12.5 (Latest)

Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Graphics:  Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

None of this stuff really means much to me - I'm not a computer guy..) 


Short of buying a new computer, what would you recommend I upgrade, replace, etc.? 

Again, I would be most appreciative if someone could make some recommendations for me!

Thank you!

Charlie Wilson

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strange that nobody answer you, it's the second time you leave this message...

I think it comes from your graphics .( Intel HD Graphics 3000 ) this is an integrated chipset, but it's not as strong as a graphic card.

The inshore game is quite heavy, i'm not IT engineer , but i'm pretty sure your problem comes from there. Are ou sure you don't have anything more ?  you may also have a card (nothing called Nvidia, or AMD  inside your computer ?)

Maybe you can try to follow this to improve the quality (but be careful with what you do, read everything on the youtube page before doing something !)  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5EKzHq4pAk

> in this video the graphics is stronger than yours, but it will give you a lot of information. It's not exacly your config, but you should find something.if you don't find, send me the complete config of your computer, by private message and i will try to help you more.


If one other player with the same graphics (or equal) could tell if it works for him, it would be great !

(sorry for my english...)





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il y a 4 minutes, Flexible a dit :


strange that nobody answer you, it's the second time you leave this message...


I think there are very few Inshore players who look at the forum. For every post we see regarding the Inshore game, there must be 100 posts about the Offshore one.

Sorry I cannot help you ChronoSync.

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Flexible & RustyStaub_EZ, thank you both for trying!  I will take a look at the link posted by Flexible.  I'm certainly no computer engineer myself, but I was thinking it must have to do with a graphics card or something along those lines. 

Please do not apologize for your English - it is one million times better than my French!  I very much appreciate your effort!

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