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  1. Fra47

    [inshore] meteo

    Voila, c'est ca. Le jeu est denaturé depuis un bail et laisse libre cours à la chance, le bol, la chatte....comme tu veux
  2. Fra47

    [inshore] meteo

    Dans le jeu c'est la loterie...
  3. Revez encore....VRI s'en cogne
  4. Fra47

    road to sarasota

  5. Fra47

    road to sarasota

    Good if you're happy. Not me. Nothing to add. All this was unworthy of a so-called world competition.
  6. Fra47

    road to sarasota

    It is not the joy of others that annoys me, it is the fact that all these selection events were tainted with malfunctions, luck or bad luck, that nothing was fair. In this case I am waiting for the selected ones to relay the voice of those who have been harmed by their chances, not only to expose their individual joy. For the rest I let you talk as much as you want.
  7. Fra47

    road to sarasota

  8. Fra47

    road to sarasota

    You can congratulate yourself as much as you want, all this has been unfair, discriminating and shameful. For my part I would not be there with such a level of dysfunction during the playoffs
  9. Fra47

    road to sarasota

    Given the level of malfunction of the play offs with repetitive and disqualifying bugs I hope that World Sailing will have the courtesy to give a public apology. For me it's a no event, not representative for a good part.
  10. Fra47

    Comme un chien dans un jeu de quilles...

    Playoffs nuls et inéquitables. La honte pour un championnat de monde.
  11. Fra47

    Scoring pas très equitable

    Compte tenu des saccades qui projettent bout au vent ou autres decalage brutal sur une bouée, la loterie des vents, les règles absurdes toute facon rien n'est correct dans cette affaire. J'en ai fait part a World sailing.
  12. Fra47

    Nom des bateaux

    Quelle honte