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  1. Well yeah, you need VIP to create custom races and share the private code with your fellow clubmates.
  2. I guess it would not even be that hard if the Polar speed plot of a new boat is put into the game. The sailing would then already look a lot more like your favorite boat. Perhaps the designers could allow us to put in our own Polar Plots for custom races?
  3. Yeah be careful with holding the controls. Especially at busy hours the connection to the server can be problematic. Try to tap the controls instead of holding them and use the tacking button for tacks until VR Inshore gets servers that can manage the thousands of new players.
  4. Nice to see this forum also gets some more interaction nowadays. Perhaps we should create a random messages topic for people that want to become confirmed.
  5. Yeah, for me too it would be an easy start. However, I like the tactics of a pre-start. They are not really present in the offshore racer class.
  6. Hi developers, Thank you for this great game! However, to improve the game and intensity at the starting line, I would like a smaller starting line for the Offshore Racer class. Other classes may have a suitable starting line, but the Offshore Racer starting line is just very long which makes it too easy to get a good start. Thank you!
  7. I've also got the race exits, but especially with low battery notifications. It immediately kicks me out of the game. Is there no way for the game to continue playing while you're not focused on the game? I've thrown away too many good starts because of this...
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