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  1. VR don’t care. I’ve lost 21 green tokens in 24 hours due to the app crashing or not actually getting past the VR blue page after using 3 tokens. I hear the race start but just have the spinning circle of doom.
  2. Doi g well in Sail GP. Averaging 12 points a race, get to Race 6 of my series, App goes to shit and I get a DNF. Sort it out VR it’s a recurring issue. Every single time I get off to a good series start I either get a bug of a ridiculous penalty during the game.
  3. Thanks for this. Just found it after losing 2 consecutive races by I assume flicking the bottom of the screen. One when 80m ahead are the last windward mark. Just need to sort out VR taking money and not giving coins in return now.
  4. Same here. iPhone 7.
  5. Same here. Emailed support twice now. No response from them at all. It’s theft pure and simple.
  6. Same for me. iPhone 7, latest updates. Part way through a race the app shuts down. It’s fine if you’re not buying credits but totally unacceptable when you lose 2 or 3 of your coins when it does this.
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