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In yesterday-today (April 9-10) 37hr challenge I have completed 11 races but it's only showing 8 on the overall results. On other racers results it's showing they've done 22rsces or 10 races ect. 

How can I get my best 8 races to count?

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I have been having this problem as well.  It is quite annoying as I am getting races that would put me at a much higher ranking but that aren't counting.  Pretty ridiculous when my average score is higher than my series score...


Attached are screenshots of what I am talking about.  It happens almost every regatta where it seems to just stop counting after a random number of races.



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I've had this problem too!

In the current HWCS Genoa event i've done 11 races but it is only showing 6. I would be much higher in the rankings if all my races were counted.

The strange thing is that the record of them is there in the list of races ive done, just not in the results.

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