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Why no current?


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This game needs current... 

Also boats should be able to backwind... 


Penalties should slow both boats...


boats on different legs of the course should have to follow RRS. 

Too many shortcuts. Hard to play game like you are really racing... Teaching bad habits



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Agree that the right of way boat should also face a penalty if there is a collision, although it should be a smaller/shorter penalty than the boat breaking the rules. This would stop boats deliberately/tactically causing a collision to get the benefit of slowing the other boat with a penalty. There is no incentive to comply with RRS Rule 14.

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I agree, there should be a penalty on both boats for a collision with a lesser penalty to the boat with the right of way.  There should not be incentive for boats to hit other boats. 

Also, there should not be a penalty for crossing the starting line prior to the race starting if you get back below the line before 0:00.  There should only be a penalty if you are across the line at the moment the race starts.


I think luffing the sails in this game is essentially the same as backwinding.

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