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Limitations of the App

Your Mom SA

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It looks like the App can only set scheduled maneuvers on the hour, not by the minute.  Correct?

It looks like the App can only schedule future maneuvers for straight lines, not TWA.  Correct?

When I have scheduled maneuvers on my desktop computer, and then I try to update my plan on the App, the App shows all of my pre-scheduled maneuvers with a direction of 361 degrees, so I have to start over instead of updating my original plan.  Is this expected?

I was doing very well in the latest leg of the Clipper race.  I was among the boats that are now running in positions 4 through 10.  I was in very good shape to place in the top 20 or better.  I used the App to make some course changes on Saturday, but I did NOT turn Autosails off myself.  On Sunday, I got back to a desk and set a careful route, and then I raced my real boat that afternoon.  When I got back online that evening, I discovered Autosails had been turned off and my boat had been running at TWA 130 for 7 hours.  The leaders were working to get out of the middle of a weak High, so the 20 miles I lost during that time quickly built to 30, then 40, and now it's about 80.  The race is ruined.  Two weeks of hard work to stay with the leaders were ruined.  All because I had to use the App for one day.  Does the App turn Autosails off somehow?  I'm certain that I did not turn it off myself.

If you add up all of these points, it seems that most of the options you can pay for are useless on the App.  My conclusion is that I should NEVER pay to do a race unless I'm certain I can be at a desktop computer regularly from start to finish.  This is really unfortunate because I enjoy these races and I was really enjoying this Clipper leg until this disaster.

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Fully agreed - (at least for me) the apps are absolutely worthless for PLANNING your route or change any programmed course.

I only use them (both on IOS and Android)  to regularly check my boats course and position when 
running with pro options and to immediately change directions and sails when running without.


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I did some experimentation.  I'm not sure how the app turned my autosails off.  I'm very upset because I'm pretty sure I'd be on my way to a top-10 finish in this Clipper leg if this hadn't happened.

I was able to determine one thing for sure, though...  The App does NOT ask you to confirm when you turn off your autosails, like the desktop interface does.  So if I somehow did it myself accidentally, the App would not have asked me to confirm.  Since I know the desktop application asks for confirmation, and I knew I had never been asked by the App to confirm turning off of autosails, of course it never occurred to me that my sails might be off until the damage was done.


If VR could please add the same confirmation step to the App that already exists in the desktop interface, that would help to keep this problem from happening again.  Of course, the App still will be quite limited if it doesn't allow more precision in scheduling than hourly straight-line scheduling and doesn't recognize the schedules that were previously submitted on a desktop.  So VR has a LOT of work to do before it could be worthwhile to pay for a race if the user can't regularly access a desktop computer.

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For what it's worth...  I think I figured out why my autosails turned off in that Clipper leg.  I have posted an explanation in the "Indicate a bug" forum, for anyone interested in how to avoid that risk.

The bottom line, though, is that it simply isn't worthwhile to pay for options for a race unless you can do it on a desktop machine. The App simply can't support the paid for options well enough to be worthwhile.  I hope VR will improve the App to work as well as the desktop interface eventually, as I would prefer to be able to race just as competitively on my phone as on a desktop...  but it doesn't appear to be a priority for them right now.

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