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Upgrade system

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The new upgrade system makes the game very unfair, as soon as you are willing to spend 4500 gold pieces in a major upgrade, you can sail backward and still win the race. I understand, that virtual regatta wants to make money with the game, but the step between the upgrades are too big. The winners of the last competitions had so much faster boats, that it is impossible with a normal boat to compete.

So, its a game of spending money now, not fun anymore. Pity!

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Yes pitty - actually shame is also very appropriate......  but i am afraid VR is very happy with this....


now that they got the world sailing blessing they can get away with being a pay to win game.


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Honestly, this whole upgrade system is ridiculous. What if everybody would buy the whole upgrades? We would have the real good sailors like epicure, coulou, alessandro merlino and some others on top again. Only difference , you would have spent quite some bucks. Do you want to have a competition of skills or of money? I personally prefer the skills. Thats the reason why i sail only one design classes in real life. Everything else has no sportive value for me. VR is laughing their ass off about all these morons buying the whole package. Enjoy your bought advantage, you paid a lot of money for it. You don't really want to know how good or bad you really are, pity.

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well most of us would be ready to pay some fair fee to VR  ( but currently the system is indeed  a disgrace  )

and yes i also sail one design for this very reason.  Actually epicure is the true one still currently sailing levels from tanks, as aless or coulou did pay the BIG VR tax.

Personally i am still in between and moslty because VR's bug on first challenge  ( i had to buy some downwind to compete upwind with level 15 ) 

anyhow vr do'nt care, so if you want to voice out your opinion, it  should be outside this forum i am afraid.


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