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Hey there,

Just a thought or 2 about the GBR Nationals that are running at the moment. It is a 6 month competition, and players score on every official World Champ regatta. This has meant playing 45 minutes to an hour a day (4-5 races a day). Whilst it was fun at first, it takes so much time, and you must play when you're busy, tired or not in the mood. This, for me, has sapped all the fun from the game, hence I'm taking a break. Other national champs (e.g. Swiss) will surely be over a shorter period, so GBR guys are playing many more hours for the same kudos?

Wish all the remaining competitors good luck, and think that these nationals would be ideal as a winter event (when people have less real sailing on, more indoor time) and as a much shorter duration event (appreciate VR's goal is to make people play & pay more, but having an event this long will ultimately put people off playing as much I think).


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