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  1. Aucun problème de la part des amerlocks. Le logiciel a été mis à jour, le répertoire de sortie a changé, tout a été annoncé bien à l'avance. VR n'a pas lu le mémo. -- No problem on the part of the amerlocks. Software was updated, output directory has changed, everything was announced well in advance. VR did not read the memo.
  2. C'est un erreur de configuration CORS: Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'www.vro-api-client.prod.virtualregatta.com/getboatinfos' from origin 'www.www.virtualregatta.com' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. S'il vous plaît VR, réparez ça vite ! -- Please VR, fix this soon!
  3. The game engine employs a 0.3% tolerance on sail changes. A sail change is performed only if the another sail is more than 0.3% faster. While sailing in the tolerance zone, the engine uses the faster sail speed without inflicting the sail change penalty. That's as good as auto sails can get, imo. The 0.3% tolerance avoids unecessary sails changes iin almost all situations, and you never loose speed because of deferred sail changes.
  4. @Pat-Rock, have you been able to clarify what exactly it means to "avoir passé le légendaire point Nemo" ? I saw that the map was modified yesterday (gates were split at the IEZ) but there is still nothing on the map that indicate how to clear point Nemo. Or does the race winner automatically win both prizes? -- Pat-Rock, avez-vous pu clarifier ce que signifie exactement «avoir passé le légendaire point Nemo»? J'ai vu que la carte a été modifiée hier (les portes ont été divisées à l'IEZ) mais il n'y a toujours rien sur la carte qui indique comment effacer le point Nemo. Ou le vainque
  5. Hallo Andromeda23, ich fürchte, in diesem Forum wird nur Französisch gesprochen. Aber hast Du mal geschaut, ob die Mail im Spam gelandet ist? Wenn nicht, müsstest Du dich an den Support wenden. Der ist leider auch nur Französisch (evtl. Englisch), und nicht ganz leicht zu finden. Der Link findet sich jeweils ziemlich weit unten unter einem Hilfethema www.virtualregatta.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  6. Depending on how you define "going straight" on a sphere, it may not be the same as going at constant heading. VR is unclear on this topic, but as far as I know - When using a fixed heading (no TWA, no waypoints), the boat moves on the loxodromic (rhumb line), that is, it keeps its course angle. - When using waypoints, the boat moves on the geodesic (great circle) instead, thereby slowly changing course angle. After passing the last waypoint, it keeps whatever course angle it has at that point.
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