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Upwind boat speed & height


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Maybe I am missing something, but how do some sailors get so much height & speed upwind? As far as I am aware the only controls I have to alter speed and height is my angle of sail? But on occasions if I try and point to the same degree as a sailor next to me in the same wind ill slow right down, yet they seem to be able to power on through?


Is there some technique I am missing out on here?


Thank you

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No specific technics

1- Info on User interface is not real time between you and other boats

2- another boat might have bought a pro sail or foils or polish which all give more speed

3- each time you change sail or gybe you get a penalty which reduce the speed of your boat (half speed for 300s , 75 s if you have the pro winch

I hope I answered your question

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You are talking about VR offshore, correct?

You get credit when you start a race. With this credit you can buy sails (equip my boat).

Then every 11 or 12 h, you get a baril during the course where you can get free cards for programming, auto sail, way points ...

This way, you can play for free

You can also buy sails either individually either by purchasing a full pack.


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I will complete the answer by specifying that credits are earned at the end of each race based on the results obtained.

In addition, unused cards are redeemed at the rate of credits per card (amount limited depending on the level of races)

This allows you to build up capital allowing you to better equip your boat for the following races.

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