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Clubhouse set up


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How / Where do you set up a clubhouse ?

i am looking to track results of custom races run by our sailing club.

we currently have to screenshot and type into excel or a sail result system - HALS, sailwave or sailranks

looks like using a VR Inshore Club would help a little by storing results so we don’t have to remember to screen shot before the race times out

How do we set one up ?

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Hi @AidenB,  To set up a 'Club', you need to first become a 'Confirmed Member'.  For this to happen, you have to make at least 7 postings on the forum. Unfortunately, you can't make 7 consecutive postings, as they merge together, so you have to intersperse them with other posts or put them on separate threads. Once, you get to 7 you will be automatically upgraded. This may take a few hours to happen. You can then go ahead and set up a new open or closed Club.  If it is a closed Club, you can invite other members to join. They must be registered on the VR forum, rather than just registered as VR players.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that by establishing a VR Club that you can gather the race results of VR Inshore Races. You will still need to manually collate the results. It has been suggested that you simply photograph the results screen for individual races for post race processing, rather than screen print, to speed up the sequencing of races.

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