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Maybe fewer entrants for VG due to these major issues with the update will result in greater server time per player for those who do enter and it works better ... hmm ... not sure I understand the case being made there though ...

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I don't think the bugs are coming from the server load. Fewer players will help for sure. There are too many major bugs to allow a good game experience. Instead, they made unhappy campers !

I lost my light sails in Jamaica, heading change was not applied during the night, after a wrong heading at the beginning of race that made my boat aground !

That's only major bugs. I saw a lot of other bugs in the display too.

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The unedessarily elaborate graphics are ruiniing this game. To update the Jamaica race  takes one minuite and  two left clicks .Why do we need a :-

Log book, Estimated and Last Computer Position,High Priority Support,a top right box with 06h 30' in it

No longer can we immediately see what is the race position of another competitor, what country they are from,

I first played VR  10 years ago ,it was great fun and I met a guy in Soth Africa  who had known my brother  50 years before. Subsequently he came to the UK and sailed on my yacht . A year ago we had a holiday with them in South Africa. After 5 years we both stopped V.R. because 1 .  Breakdowns began happening as  the graphics became incresingly complicated  2. The cost of playing  had risen  as had the number of players --so VR was not short of cash.

Now I returned to  VR 2 months ago and am getting used to the even more elaborate graphics when suddenly I am hit with the Jamaica race   all these elaborate and uneccesary changes to the system.

Shall I stay with VR ?

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Probably the worst race since 'Saudi' - which was cancelled and refunded. I have had several major faults including two programmed direction changes that didn't happen today alone. I was careful setting the second in case I had made a mistake! 

Now I read this happens to many people 

 Yesterday for a while it was impossible to sail in 0 - 90 degrees direction as speed shown as zero. 

For me this is just a game for relaxation. I do not expect to win, my aim is top 10%. But why bother if the software has its own jokers or snakes to send you backwards. 

Maybe I will not enter the Vendee Globe this year. 

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