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Discord Anyone?


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Hi everyone,

I had an idea a while ago about creating a Virtual Regatta Discord Server, and thought I'd share it here!


For anyone who hasn't used discord, then it's a website used for groups, a bit like WhatsApp, but without phone numbers! The advantage is that you can have multiple text channels and voice channels under one 'server', so you can have a text channel dedicated to 'announcements', or a 'general one', and same with video channels. I can see this being used for Team Racing, where you can have a dedicated text and voice channel for setup, and then separate voice channels for different teams. 


I just think it would be a cool additional means for Virtual Regatta sailors to communicate, and for people to meet other like-minded sailors, and race against new people instead of just a random lobby.


If you like my idea, email (montydesforges18@gmail.com), DM me on discord (ID: Monty D#0798), or just reply to this thread



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