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Pirates! looking for small team to challenge


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Je pense qu'il s'est tout simplement trompé de sujet, il doit parler de VR Inshore...

Si c'est du offshore dont il parle ça concerne peut être des NAPs? Ou des PDDs?Ou des Teams? Va savoir...😁

Le traiter de maso c'est un peu prématuré non?

Peut être un troll ?

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No I'm not trolling and it's for VRO, perhaps the post is misplaced in this forum..

We're small team (8) so we don't enter the ranking system, and we're looking for other small teams interested in organizing team vs team competition in the game, with simbolic prize, just for having fun.

Makes sense?

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good forgiveness for the masochistic side, I did not resist (I had not seen that it was written in English) (thank you Google translation... or not)


good luck to you to find a team or a team meeting, it can take time but by scanning the teams, from a search on a word, a place or a name, try maybe to question members for an association ?


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