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URGENT-CANCEL VIP automatic subscription

Ernesto Caviezel

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I have been writing to support@virtualregatta.com to cancel my VIP subscription.  I cannot do it with my cel phone ("stop my subscription" button does not appear), and cannot do it on the computer (have been trying for 2 weeks).  The support team has NOT given any support.  Please send me a link where I can go to stop the subsccription, or a step by step detail (not the ones that appear on the site, such as this:  www.virtualregatta.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001563893-Virtual-Regatta-a-free-game).  Whenever I am forwarded to zendesk, I have NO WAY to sign in.  I have done everything your at my reach, following your company´s instruction.  NOTHING has worked.


Ernesto Caviezel 


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