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iOS crashes, lag


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In the past week, since the login issues, the iOS app has been very buggy for me. Symptoms include: in game lag, app crashes (either on startup, or mid-race when switching between top and back view, and especially on spectator mode) and poor spatial accuracy (boat shows as OCS whilst 1 boatlength behind the line. I have tried hard resets to ipad, deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times, and of course force quitting and restarting the app before play. I know of one other experiencing this also on iOS, anyone else?

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Sorry to hear that, I have been using iOS and have not experienced any major problems on VRO & VRI.  It sounds like you have done all the right things. For me it only becomes problematic when I have sketchy internet.  If it happens again check your internet speed, clear your cache or check the modem. Have you tried different browsers ? 

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