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  1. I am angry. here I am trying to be under the top 200 and you darn server throws me out of the game "Please wait until we reconnect you" nothing happens I lose...get a DSQ lose my J-points ... and so on. :( :( :(
  2. Normen

    Random race exit workaround

    As you may know, we may or may not have it better on a PC's, but in the end, if one of us plays in the finals, we will have to use a Mobile device, like phone or pad, no PC's allowed! So If you do play on a mobile device you are off better, do to more practice.
  3. Normen

    Probl├Ęme de login sur VRI IOS

    Ah... Thanks for letting us know! :) It helps me to be patient!
  4. Normen

    Official 127 hours

    I must agree! The wind shifts are huge and a lottery at best! It seems at the start sail towards the pin end and stay on Starboard tak until you hit the layline... and in most cases, you are on top of the fleet.
  5. Is there going to be a USA National E-Sailing competition? When or How, what needs to happen for it?
  6. Normen

    All Instruments dissapear

    Ha,.... it was the F key, it solved my problem ... who knew? well L1 did know, THANK YOU! @L1 It was nice to meet you in Sarasota at the world champion ship. It sure was fun to watch you all, race to win. And I sure liked the party afterwards! Many greetings ­čľľ
  7. Normen

    All Instruments dissapear

    Today during a challenge J70 Kiel in my 3rd race being in 2nd position. For no reason all my instruments disappeared. only boats and water showing. I was able to finish the race in 5th. But was not able to see stats or was not able to exit the game afterward. A total loss for me as well as my points and ranking. :( 1st and 2nd. race I came in 1st and 3rd. now 5th. no chance to become one of the top 50 again. Any suggestions what could cause this or how to avoid this from happening again? Thanks, Wind Whisperer