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  1. Dear organizers, It would be good if you reduced the number of races per regatta. Recently, the number of races have increased to as much as 22 races in 24 hours. This requires up to 4 hours of racing for the participants. That's far too much! We are not full time professional virtual sailors. We have jobs, families other commitments and we need some sleep. It should be possible to compete in your series without ending with a divorce...?
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    Good to see you again Mikle ? Being a virtual sailor for more than 20 years and a WS race official, it's disappointing to see WS embrace this software for their official e-sports sailing competition. The least I would expect was the maneuverability of boats, the rules engine and the boat physics at least as good as what other sailing simulators have offered for many years already. And of course it has to be a one design, not the biggest wallet wins like the AC. Sure it would be acceptable with an entry fee, but then at a flat reasonable rate. I understand it's hard to get in touch with the VR team, but I will at least get in touch with the WS committee, because this is ridiculous.
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