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Deliberately crashing

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I'm really sick and tired of the constant deliberate crashing to force penaltys on others. In real life there are very little crashing and it's shame on you if you steer right into a competitor even if you have the right of way (witch isn't even the case in most crashing here). 

I suggest that any crashes that occur within 2-5 seconds after a course change against each other force penalty on both boats in a first step to make this game less of a bumper car-contest.


I would even see some actually sinking when boat crash to hard into each other or some kind of lasting damage to really force people to avoid it and see the danger of such a behavior!

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I agree, it would be nice to have some consideration for rule 69 here! Also, when someone tacks really close to windward, I'd just like to see some form of a keep clear rule. We could bring in the extortion (no idea how its spelled) system used in actual sailing, and then give a 5% score penalty for each infringement to the keep clear rule per race. 


Its just annoying for sailors, but I can see the argument that, as coding is exact (just look at VR start lines!), and the RRS do have some guesswork in them, it would be hard to code!

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Totally agree. The game as it is promotes scoundrelship not sportmanship.

The rule is quite simple to simulate - the yacht with a right of way has to keep course for (i.e.) 2 s. before the collision, or it is pennalized.

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Fair sailors, unite to call and end to the deliberate cheaters; those who purposefully run penalties on other players.

Virtual Regatta, please put in a Foul Player Reporting System. Say 5 or 10 different players reports on a single other Foul Player.

If multiple players report any specific players for foul play; the foul players either lose their game Level and Credits and start again at Level 1 with 0 Credits. Or, they get banned from the game.

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