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  1. In the hands of the developer is managing both the speed of the individual boat and the individual control of the rules of the game. Unfortunately, denying this is absurd, Asere. Both Fra47 and I were participants in the process when speed knots were added to the boat for money and also suddenly decreased during new revisions of the game ...
  2. Asere. You play suspiciously unmistakably. Do not you have a kinship with VR, protecting the organizer, who can not cope with the simulation of real racing rules?
  3. Good! I want to give up 4 places to fans of match race: 50382, BFS, BFF, 99398. 😍 I will support this great idea in the future. Sorry L1. Mikle
  4. Fix bugs can be much faster if the goal is set... Something tells me that the improvements we will not wait. As it happens with all tactical simulators ... Let's be content with a novice simulation level! 😍
  5. New shit rule - RRS 16.1 ------------------------- Who comes up with the interpretation of the rules, VR? I want to see his face)))
  6. Mikle

    road to sarasota

    Modest eLWSC champion. Fine, L1!
  7. Mikle

    road to sarasota

    SteveB. I did not participate in the playoff, as I did not wait for positive changes in the game. Why? -- I had no other way to show everyone how seriously I take these races, while the organizers turned them into a platform for their experiments with players. (I predict that in order not to lose face in front of professionals in Sarasota, VR will have to instruct racers not to create situations in which the official racing rules - RRS - will drastically differ from the 'bad' rules of the simulator. 🙂 )
  8. R15 became deadly. Checked in 49er and in Star. It surpasses in its idiocy even a sloppy R18 in the game. I'm in shock. 🤢
  9. If the VR Developer officially publishes an explanation of his rules in the game, the virtual racers will be convinced that he does not understand the RRS (WS) and misinterprets them. For a long time, we have been trying to persuade the developer to bring the rules into compliance, but ... That's why we're playing ... a lottery. )))
  10. Mikle


    (PS - >15 last races in a row!)
  11. Mikle


    This is some kind of mockery (VR's cheating)! - More than 15 races in Star class without a barrel/cans of 'GOLD': It is impossible to gain gold for an upgrade... ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  12. Mikle


    I hope that reasonable people in the committee will fix it.
  13. Mikle

    Upgrade system

    Only one? )))
  14. Mikle


    I will share my observations and conclusions. The zero-level boats (standard) have the same speed and maneuverability characteristics. There is no doubt about this? But boats of equal higher level (1-14) already have different characteristics !!! Even boats of the highest level (14) !!! ??? How did I find this? - According to the record time at finish shown by top racers, and comparing two own named boats. My J70 boats have the same total upgrade level (9), but the opposite components are upwind and downwind (4+5+0 and 6+3+0). And their result at the finish is noticeably different! Moreover, one of the boats has conflicting values of the parameters of the upgrade: instead of having the advantage of upwind speed, she does not have it, but she has an advantage on the run (downwind). Very strange ... What conclusions? Organizer consciously or not - manipulates the levels/tables of the upgrade, assigns different performance to the boats; - has the ability to selectively improve the characteristics of a particular boat (racer). I consider this unacceptable and unjust in the conduct of the WS eSailing world championship! We must convince the organizer to open all the cards. --------- Several years ago I participated in offshore races, hoped to take prizes in the stages/legs. But as soon as I found out the facts that the organizer started distributing preferences to his racers (he began to make changes in the forecast in their favor, artificially sink the other leaders of the race (DNF)) - I stopped participating, considering it dishonest...