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  1. Yep, good idea VR but it was too much on the changes to 15 & 16.1. In between how it was before and how it is now would be best.
  2. NED- the Wind Intelligence ($$$) is helpful plus darker streaks just like looking for real gusts ?
  3. That stinks! I have not seen that problem, but I use an iPad. What device do you use?
  4. Thanks for the report L1. It looked like VR and WS put a lot of effort into the event, and the video production was pretty good. I enjoyed watching it and seeing all the players. Problems happen with most first-time projects, but I thought overall it was cool. If you have the ear of VR (or if they happen to be reading!), the weak point is the lack of communication. I had to search for 20 minutes to find a French tweet that the live feed was not going to work. Similarly in the playoffs I think most of us would have been happy to wait a day or two while the bugs got sorted, but nobody knew what was happening. But for today enjoy being champion!
  5. Congratulations L1 on your ‘useless decoration and forever pride!’ Now you have time to go see Mickey Mouse! Tough break that after weeks of hype the live feed was a flop. Since its the first time it gets a pass in my book, but get your act together VR. The next playoffs need to be better. Glad for all the finalists and congrats again to a worthy winner.
  6. I wondered when somebody would change that thread title! The bugs were awful that week and VR should have spoken up, but its hard to argue with the final group. Clearly those are the most consistent players. I know that area, you guys will enjoy it. Any idea what the winner gets?
  7. Boat23521


    Great job by the top 5, definitely the best. Congratulations!
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