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This is not a mobile phone


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Hi, I have been playing VR on PC for many years. No, this is not a phone, but there is not even a place provided to talk about PC issues as a subject, so I used the mobile app subject choice to be even able to write about this issue.

The interface does not work very well on PC. I give a command and it shows on the screen and seems to work fine, so I close the page and come back later to find my commands did not take effect. This has been going on for all the years I've been playing VR, and it results in slow speeds, sailing in circles, going aground etc.

I have a modern PC and OS, I am a PC technician of 30 years that resolves problems for a living, but I've put up with the shanky VR interface on PC because I assume it's the very best that VR can possibly do with the meagre resources at their disposal.


Now, things have gotten a LOT worse. Now persistent VR Advertisements continuously pop up an overlay page and disable / prevent me from playing VR, it also happens when I make any command, direction change, waypoint choice etc, and makes playing VR all but impossible, continouslu, repeatedly.


This is crazy. I am crazy for playing this game. Good bye VR and my old friends here.



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It's not my fault, or my computer's fault, or my web browser's fault, I've tried everything over the years, many PC's, browsers, Operating systems etc.

It's not my fault and I won't go to support and be told by them that it is any longer, I'll come back in a year or so and see if they have fixed this, but

it's only getting worse over the years, so I can't see any chance.


It's a terrible shame that VR, or something like it, is not in the hands of a better custodian, as I'm sure it could still make profits if they actually focused on the game instead of their absolute fixation on the commercial aspects....... yeah, imagine actually having a view from the boat and seeing the shore you are about to sail into, like every other game ever made, or actually seeing nearby opponents to scale or anything at all that actually resembled sailing, or, so sorry to bring this up, but perhaps even a fair game where the depth of your wallet doesn't determine your skill and rankings?

All of that, and we can't even have a GUI that functions. I mean, it looks like it works at times, I go to lengths and plot the course and calcularte and set everything up properly, it looks like it all working, but I come back a few hours later and find that none of my previous session actually had any real effect, like I wasn't even there!

Also, just randomly, the boat will tack or doing something all by itself, while I'm in there using the program! It's crazy and random.

The VR advertising and self promotion has just gone crazy in the last few weeks. No matter what I do, they just keep popping up and taking over the screen when ever I try to do anything with the boat, and no matter what tab I click, they just keep persisting.

It's as if you MUST buy something or you cannot proceed. So, I have to close the webpage and start all over, then, it happens again not long afterwards.

It' just gotten out of hand and even though I'm very patient and will put up with a lot of crap, it's just gone too far.


I actually feel as if the game's creators are seeing how much they can piss me off before I am forced to leave, well, guess what? They win.

cheers and thanks for the reply Berty.

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I do not only moderate the forum, I also report all the concerns encountered by the players.

The situation you mention is catastrophic but, playing very regularly, I do not encounter all these dysfunctions.

To be effective and help developers find solutions to the problems encountered, it is necessary to be precise and explain them by detailing the actions taken and if possible by documenting them with screenshots.

You write in a help forum but it is players who answer. In order for your requests to be taken into consideration, it is essential to send them to the support, as Berty so kindly indicated to you.

Have a good day


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